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Suspended Scaffolding

Service One Access, Inc. rents, sells and erects suspended scaffolding, providing unlimited access solutions for the Construction, Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Scaffold services include suspended scaffolds, steel and aluminum tower scaffolding, frame supported scaffolds, systems scaffolds, debris netting, debris chutes, material hoists, sidewalk canopies and overhead protection. As City of Chicago approved scaffold erector, we provide scaffolding and Permit services for the City of Chicago and surrounding municipalities.

Our experienced laborers perform rigging, installations and project management services for both temporary and permanently installed fall protection and suspended access systems. We can provide a wide array of suspended scaffolds with walk-through stirrups, three-point suspension, light, medium and heavy duty load ratings or the distinctly unique configuration your project requires.

Façade inspections and critical reviews can be performed with our technicians and equipment services, in conjunction with the project’s structural engineer or consultant.

From securing the required permits to emergency response teams for same day service, call us at 800-298-7990 or email us at info@ServiceOneAccess.com for all your scaffold needs.


Service One, Inc.

Service One, Inc.

Service One, Inc.

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