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Denka Lifts

Track Mounted X550

Overview and Highlights

Ease of transport:
Fits on a trailer or tilt-back truck (low weight, good gradeability, compact).

Enhanced maneuverability and accessibility:
Go-more-places with low GVW, rubber tracks, remote drive, adjustable track widths for increased stability during transport, compact dimensions, hydraulic jib, rotation of platform and zero-turn radius with counter rotation.

Operator convenience:
One-touch outrigger leveling, interactive display in platform, operator friendly controls.

Environmentally friendly:
Dual power on board— gas, diesel or electric engine, accompanied by electric AC motor are standard to reduce noise and emissions in public spaces. Lightweight machine can set up on sensitive flooring and landscaping.

  • Platform height of 55 feet, with a working height of 61 feet
  • Tracks narrow to 32 inches for single door access
  • Weighs less than 4,720 pounds
  • Quiet, battery-driven hydraulic system effectively eliminates the source of troublesome fumes common with other lifts
  • Moment sensors detect overload and neutralize the lift
  • Manual emergency lowering system
  • Proportional controls for exact positioning
  • Mercury switches prevent lift form being operated when lift is not leveled
  • Micro switches prevent use without outriggers
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements

Model Specification PDF



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