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Denka Lifts

Track Mounted Boom Lifts

Service One, Inc.

Among the newest in access technology, our track-mounted light-weight booms are truly a two-man personnel lift that can "go anywhere". Working heights from 45 to 76 feet, tracks that narrow from 31.5 inches to 39 inches, it can be used indoors or out. The lift of choice for tree trimmers, electricians, glaziers, pipe fitters, painters, window cleaners and many other trades. This lift is designed to access irregular terrain, areas with narrow access, and steep slopes, making it the perfect solution for holiday decorations and water parks, and industrial applications. Powered by on-board batteries, 110 volt standard electric, or a gas powered generator, this quiet lift sets up quickly in tight areas.

Every rental includes professional orientation and familiarization by our staff that gets most operators up to speed within an hour. If you prefer, we can supply a qualified operator with your rental.

For more information on renting, purchasing or specifying a track mounted lift for your next project or for a free estimate or consultation, please contact Tom Trinen at 1-800-298-7990

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